The silence is my shadow
The darkness my only day
The pain my motivation
To carry on my way

A weapon my surest companion
A stumble my native dance
A whisper my sacred song
To help me hold my stance

These pages might just be a confession
Sometimes I’m not sure I know
I carry the words like an illness
The only cure is letting them go

So what when the words just won’t come out
So what when the illness is confined
How to return to the moment
When the present just won’t come to mind

The silence grows louder every moment
The stillness almost to much to bear
Please let the emptiness fade out
Answer my most fervent prayer

Still I find muse in the barrens
She comes even when I can’t write
She whispers so carefully into my ear
The words sometimes lost in the plight

So I push forward blindly without faith
Unsure why, but still I do
My hope is that I can make
Until I come back to you