So, I have been doing a lot of playing with my blog, so anyone who has been watching might be slightly annoyed at the constantly changing layout of my page.

First, bear with me. I haven’t made an attempt this serious to post regularly anywhere so I am trying to make the blog as appealing as possible while still being functional for everyone.

Second, I can be a touch indecisive. So I may try something for a few days and then change it just to change it back.

Hopefully I can settle on something without to much chaos, but until then I hope you will be tolerant and just enjoy the writing. At present I have included a Categories wiget on the right so you can jump sections at will. This should make organizing a bit easier for me, and navigating better for you! You’re welcome.

Thank you for your patience, and continue enjoying!

Breaking waves

First, forgive the writing style here. I’m attempting to type this out on my phone and it’s proving more exciting than anticipated.

Occasionally I find myself contemplating where I am in life. I work hard to live in the moment, which I am much better at now than I was a few years ago.
But I still end up stuck dwelling on decisions I’ve made and where they have led me.
Once upon a time, a short lifetime ago, I was heading in a great direaction. I had a stable place, I was going to college for something I loved, I was already promised a job making real money…

It’s not always easy to look back on that knowing where I am now. I have some great things in my life now. I really do. But looking at where I was heading before, I can’t help but sometimes fail to see the color and life in what is right now.

Recently I have lost damn near everything. The life I had given everything up for is gone. That which I had spent more than half a decade building with passion and blood and pain has faded to nothing. Worse than nothing, truth be told. The ghost of everything I had still haunts me daily. And the poisons that did me in haven’t faded as quickly.

But, in the desolation of circumstance I find a hint of peace. I fear smothering that too, though. I have to hide it lest the ghosts tear it apart in wrathful envy. But it is there and I’m thankful for it.

I know I sound dramatic. And I am. My pain isn’t any less than I portray it. But colorful words and flair distract and amuse.
I always heard its better to be a jester than a martyr. Both suffer, but one entertains.
And I suppose the difference is pride.

That doesn’t bode well for me haha.

In The Beginning…

Well, here goes my newest attempt at blogging.

I don’t always maintain the focus to regularly follow through with blogging. I have had a few very failed attempts. But I want to renew my love of writing, and I can’t think of a better way to do that then to blog regularly for the world to harshly critique at will.

Hopefully I will amuse and entertain you!