Welcome to my blog, Down the Twisted way. This is just a random collection of thoughts and writings. Some of it will be awesome, some of it will probably be a little pathetic. I am going to try and focus more of getting writing up, and less ‘journal’ type entries, but those will happen too.

I want to point out that a lot of my fiction is based on how I recognize reality. That being said, unless otherwise noted, all characters in my writing are fictional. Some of the people and situations in my writing are formed from my real experiences, but they are fiction.

Also, all content on this site is original, created and owned by me unless otherwise noted.


I have a lot of different names I have used different places but my most recognized name is Dante Cross. I was born in the southern United States in the late 1980’s. I am now a full time Canadian immigrant living in beautiful British Columbia.

In my day job, I’m a shift supervisor for an internationally recognized coffee house.
In my free time I write poetry, fiction/fantasy, and music. I play a few instruments and even sing occasionally, when the mood strikes me.

I am a non-denominational spiritualist. I don’t prescribe to any particular theology or practice, though I do have deep seated personal beliefs. I am passionate about religion, inter-faith dialogue and religious rights.

I have studied behavioral psychology , and am aiming to eventually get back to college to finish pursuing a degree, with my writing on the side.

Feel free to leave comments on my pieces. I just ask that you be respectful, both of myself and each other. I don’t mind constructive criticism. But don’t be an ass.

I hope my posts amuse and entertain, and I look forward to having you all along as I wander Down the Twisted Way!

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