As the secrets turn to water
and the moments turn to rain
and all that you have held inside
is finally washed away

When the days of your isolation
are bathed in sunsets light
and all the pain you have endured
is cast into the starless night

Then will you finally have suffered
enough to find some rest
and truly find the peace of mind
to bare what’s in your chest

To no longer seek the burden
of other people’s praise
and then to have found solace
in your work these long past days

And even though you stumbled
once or twice along the path
to ever more sure footing
you’ll have found your way at last

Those will be the moments
those long hours and the days
you’ll say as a sigh unto yourself
‘it was worth the pain’

Cause come the end of longing
when you stand at life’s sweet end
you’ll gladly look back in pleasure
saying ‘I’m glad that I began’