The best medicine isn’t quite accepted
But it’s the poison for which I’ve elected
To continue breathing like the rest
But to get to keep it will be the real test

It seems I’ve finally found the answer to the demons
The one and only way to really stop the screamin’
If I can have it then I might just have an answer
To contain this horrible, psychological cancer

After looking for the answer in a bottle
And once in the end of a .45’s throttle
I might be able to finally breath the Peace
And catch the other end of a little more release

It all comes down to the demons that you feeding
The ones you give control in the darkest times of needing
It’s never really been about the graces
It’s about the vices and the winners of those races

And just maybe I can finally see some light
It burns enough to hurt me but it might just make things right
Or at least as right as things can ever be
Since the the Peace we knew was taken far away from me

One more taste, but I can’t be left to revel
The world won’t approve of the way I choose to level
With the pain that’s been welling up inside
Just know I left on the high road, I swear to God I tried

Tell me that there’s nothing wrong with the way we make things right
As the world comes undone despite how hard we’ve tried
Because the answer doesn’t feel as wrong as it would seem
But I doubt the world would agree with everything they’re seeing

So I’ll take the trail where it leads despite the costs
It doesn’t really hurt me, as much as people’s thoughts
I’m doing what I need to do to get me through the days
Accept it or reject it, it’s not their place to say

I’m grateful for the answers that I’ve found
And I pray to heaven that I get to keep them around
The peace that it brings me is something quite profound
If it saves my soul, then fuck if it’s allowed

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